What is Noun and it’s type?| Noun Notes Pdf in Hindi

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NOUN IN DETAILED NOTES -Noun types with example

What is a noun?

Every naming word is a noun. or Noun is the name of a person, place, Quality Condition, Position and a things. For Example- Ram, Delhi, City, Ramayana etc.

Types of Nouns – Noun types with example

There are five types of noun.

  1. Proper noun – A proper noun is the name of a particular person, place or things. Ex – Ram, Raja, Tajmahal etc.
  2. Common noun – A common noun is the name given in common to person or things of same kind. Ex – book, copy, fan, man, window, boy girl etc.
  3. Collective noun – A collective noun is the similar individrals. Ex.- Class, parliament, committee , Jury bench, crew Government, fanily, Bunch, constellation, Galaxy, fleet of cars,/ Aeroplanes, ships, bavy .
  4. Material noun– The substances of which things are made . Ex.-Gold, silver, Glass, plastic, water, oil, petrol, wheat, rice, pulse, money, etc.
  5. Abstract noun- An abstract noun denotes some quality, state or action. Ex.-Honesty, wisdom, cleverness, Bravery, Cowardice, darkness, whiteness, Brightness, childhood, youth, Oldage, poverty, Laughter, Movement , Justice, Mathematics, physics etc. [Note- Abstract Noun Farther divided into 2 parts ]
  1. Countable Noun :- That which can be counted . [Ex.- 1Proper noun , common noun, collective nouns are countable noun .]
  2. Uncountable Noun :- That which can’t be counted. [Material noun ,Abstract noun are uncountable noun]


  1. uncountable noun के पहले A/An लगाकर singular या s/es लगाकर plural नहीं बनाई जाती है
  2. uncountable noun के साथ हमेशा singular verb का प्रयोग होता है ।

Ex. –

  1. (A) gold is /a precious metal and /used in making jewellery /N.E.
  2. wisdom comes with age . (a) come (b) comes (c) have come (d) are coming
  3. I like /(a) music/ I have nothing to do /N.E.
  4. We must oppose /injustices /done to the poor /N.E.
  5. (A) mathematics /is an easy /subject /N.E.
  6. A one – rupee note,
  7. A ten – rupee note ,
  8. Three ten – rupee note,
  9. A three -member committee ,
  10. A hundred -student class .

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